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Wild is the Wind

A film by Raymond Carr
Produced by Jason Piccolo

Sarin is a woman trapped in a lifestyle of seduction pain and death. Her only friend is a small fleshy creature that lurks in the shadows of her basement named Wick. He holds the ability to heal her body but not her soul. Eventually Sarin begins to explore her options by confronting the life she's been forced into for so many years.



Produced in 2009, Wild is the Wind is a short film that explores the notion of simplistic morality verses a complicated one, and how we justify our lvies to one anohter. 


Somewhere in Utah Productions co-produced this film with the help of dozens of artist. 




Written & Directed by Raymond Carr
Produced by Jason Piccolo 
Cinematography by David Bruckner
Production Design by Blake Myers


Starring Cheri Christian as Sarin and Tim Sweeney as Wick


Puppet Built by Beau Brown

Puppet Design by Matt Brohammer

Music by Jeffrey Bützer

Sound Design by Ben Holst

Costume Design by Melanie Mascioli

Hair and Make-up

Puppeteer Assistant Melissa Brewer & Gillian Wilson





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