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Ninja Puppets and Friends

Ninja Puppet Productions says Hi back at you.

Ninja Puppet Productions is the brain baby of Raymond Carr and other folks. With their combined forces they create films, theatrical and television content with a highly stylized fantastical aesthetic. Raymond has been Art Directed/Production Designed several feature films, short films, music videos, and TV shows that have received critical acclaim. Most notable is Amateur Night, a part of the horror anthology film V/H/S by Magnolia Pictures. As well as a Discovery Science Channel tv show Podcast Stuff You Should Know. If you missed it (and I don't’ know how you could cuz it’s like the biggest thing on the home page) check out our directing reel here.


Raymond also just straight up puppeteers for other people's stuff. His performance skills have been used by dozens of companies around the world. Some highlights are Nick,jr's Lazytown and Walking with Dinosaurs the Arena Spectacular: North American Tour. Check out his puppetry stuff here!


We make content for ourselves and others. Learn more about our fancy clients HERE 






Here's some fancy folks that Ninja Puppet Productions and Raymond Carr have had the honor of working with in the past. We were good enough for them, so we're probably good enough for you too!


Clients of the Ninja

Ninja Puppet Productions says Hi back at you.
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