The Films

What the what?! Is that Raymond Carr and

Ninja Puppet Productions FILMS? Yes... yes it is.


 Lots of people helped us make this madness. We hope you enjoy our moving pictures.

Raymond Carr Directing Reel

Boy oh Boy! Here's a bunch of shenanigans 

Ninja Puppet Productions created!

Bait: Teaser

"A desperate father uses his willing young son as bait to rescue his wife from a monster conjuring cult." A New film from Ninja Puppet Productions and Bug-Out Bag Productions


In a world of made entirely of puppeteers, the puppet is always alone. Hitori is the story of a boy who’s just trying to get back to where he came from. This new film from Heather Henson and Ninja Puppet Production uses live action tabletop puppetry, computer compositing and body movement artist to bring a world composed entirely of human puppeteers to live.

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Old Man Cabbage

In a farm forgotten by time, Viola and Theodore are a couple of dust bowl farm kids who love to play circus. But their lives flipped upside down when one of them accidentally kills their abusive father in a struggle. They decide to runaway and join a ghostly circus that appears in a 1920's style Speakeasy. 

A series of conversations between a deadly beautiful woman and her grotesque inhuman best friend. 

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A man deals with his Monsters the best way he knows how.

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Monster Guard

Fire Bird Morning

Produced for the Atlanta Film Society Airports Shorts. The film can be seen on loop at the Atlanta Airport Terminal.


Ninja Puppet Productions says Hi back at you.