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Hey did you know Raymond Carr has been working with the Jim Henson Company? Yeah! Like That Jim Henson! Crazy right?!

Raymond plays one of the main characters in the new PBS kids show Splash and Bubbles.

Splash and Bubbles Promo Video

But wait, that doesn't look like puppetry? That looks like a beautiful cartoon. Oh but it is puppetry! Splash and Bubbles use state of the art motion capture technology and blend it with animatronic interfaces to enable us to make real-time animation. Confused? Yeah, we get that a lot. Check out this video to help with that. 

Splash and Bubbles Behind  the Scenes

Check out these videos for behind the scenes footage on how we made Splash and Bubbles work!

Raymond is also a performer for the Henson Company's adult puppet improv troupe, Puppet Up Uncensored! Shows and performance dates can be found HERE.

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